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Alpharma Solutions Provide:
Management Consulting Solutions: In order to help our clients build quality and compliance, our PMO operates across the organization to develop compliance strategies, execute the projects and put in place the measurements and organizational structure that will enable the client to maintain compliance going forward.
  • Program Management Office
  • Project Management
  • Cost Analysis

Technology Services : Alpharma provides expertise that defines and resolves problems, provides cost effective solutions, developing, upgrading, defining or deploying;
  • Network Management
  • System Integration
  • Communication
  • Application Development
  • Database Administration
  • IT Security

Regulatory Compliance Services:Alpharma ensure that all projects activities follow a controlled lifecycle that includes planning, execution, documentation and approvals, all performed according to predefined processes. Alpharma provides ongoing validation support to maintain the validated status of your systems as they undergo enhancements and changes. Alpharma is committed to provide you with a total solution, the true deliverable is a complete transfer of knowledge to your staff about the process used. The knowledge will empower your organization to maintain a validated environment.

Validation Services :

  • Facility Commissioning
  • HVAC Validation
  • 21CFR Part 11
  • Computer System Validation
  • Process Control & System Validation
  • Laboratory Equipment Qualification
  • Manufacturing /Distribution Solutions : MES, SCADA, DCS, PLC
  • Laboratory Information Management Qualification : LIMS, Empower, CDS
  • Audit Services: cGMP, GCP, ISO, GLP, Computer Systems
  • Calibrations Programs

Alpharma can partner you to develop the most cost-effective validation strategy for your process control systems. Alpharma can help you develop, implement and maintain proces control systems that meet intended purposes and are fully compliant with all applicable FDA regulations and internal quality standards. Our high skilled personnel ensure that your project suceeds on schedule and within budget.